worried about the health of your livestock or poultry
ANT Health can help for 1.25 cents per gallon of drinking water


That is our motto at ANT Health.

It is our goal to find, fix, and prevent health issues in our livestock and poultry with the use of all natural drug free ingredients.

ANT Health, LLC is very committed in helping to achieve the best health possible for your livestock and poultry. That's why our Team feels so strongly about our product. If you are a breeder or producer, we feel you will love this product and continue using it throughout all the stages of your livestock's life. No matter what type of livestock or poultry you are raising (swine, turkeys, beef, dairy) you can achieve the best health possible from start to market.


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Excessive days to market
Inadequate feed efficiency
Unacceptable still-born rates
High Somatic cell counts
Low milk production
Silent Heats
Low immune systems
Vaccines not building titres
Hairy Warts
Excessive death loss
Low conception rates
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